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A gateway to a life of Abundance.

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Rome, Georgia

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We’re developing a community model for adults with IDD to live a life of Abundance.

In John 10, Jesus offers himself as a gateway to an Abundant Life.

We hold this gesture as both an invitation and a promise to all people—for life in heaven and for life now. A life rich with meaning and fulfillment, rooted in community with others.

At Amber Grace, we’re working to build a heaven-inspired community, thoughtfully tailored for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A place for those who need a little support to embrace all that life has to offer. A place that bears safety, opportunity, love and a sense of belonging. Where purpose is found, relationships are cultivated and everyone is a Neighbor, building a life of interdependence, forged in service to others.

We believe in the invitation of John 10, and are working to cultivate an Abundant Life for our Neighbors, their Families and the Communities we serve.

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